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The discipline that goes into being an elite athlete is reflected in how we tackle every project.


M Consulting is a swift and agile consultancy that helps businesses and entrepreneurs do more great work, chase adventures, and dream big. Our badass roster includes strategists, designers, and marketing experts—all adventurers in their own right.

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We're inspired by companies that are doing good and giving back to their communities. We admire business owners who dream big. We enjoy bold thinkers and those brave enough to set their own course. As consultants and entrepreneurs, we seek excellence through creative problem solving and unconventional approaches to business challenges.

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Our approach is best described as “a bit of perfectionism mixed with a bit of impatience.” The quicker things get done, the better. We’re all-in for efficiency, which is why our projects come with to-dos, timelines, goals, and deliverables. We work remote so monthly meetings don't require a suit but might include a happy hour or hike.

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M. Colleen MacDonald,
Founder of M

As a consultant, I’m known for my ability to take a project from idea to reality. As an adventurer and endurance athlete, I’m known for my unshakable drive and quest for excellence. I love order yet can appreciate the chaos sometimes needed to reach a goal. I like my art abstract and need my life organized by checklists. One of my favorite phrases is “get sh*t done.”

Meet Ultra Runner Colleen

What People Say About Us

“Colleen has been a tremendous asset to our team, frankly we could not run our virtual business as fulltime travelers without her. She is always one step ahead of us, keeping us on point for deliverables, organization and innovative ways to grow our business and manage our tasks. ”


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Sergie Kalashnikov
CEO at BentoBox

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Bryant Chou
CTO at Slapper Labs

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